The following excerpts are from a few of the many letters of gratitude that I have received  from people who have received their LifeCrystal®.
Christa Faye Burka

“When I first saw my LifeCrystal I said, "The LifeCrystal is so beautiful and clear, this could not be me". Now, 2 years later, I look at the LifeCrystal and say “This is me” I can feel my beauty and the present I am for the Earth. Now, I know who I am and the reason why I am, at this moment, here on Earth. Now I am connected with all of the strength, power and love in me. My life has changed completely. Christa, thank you so much for bringing the LifeCrystals to the people. God bless you for doing this.”
Blandina, Germany

“Christa, thank you for just “being you”. I do not know what is ahead for me but I can never go back to the person I was before the LifeCrystal Seminar in Perth. God bless you.”
Gillian, Australia

“From the depths of my heart I want to thank you for what you have given to the world and to me by being who you are. It is a gift unspeakable, a light from the source. Thank you.”

Anne-Marie, Germany

“Since the LifeCrystal came into my life I feel a remarkable transformation. Love, joy and clarity fill my whole being. I feel much more positive. I thank the universe, I thank the earth and I thank you Christa, the bringer of this great gift and honour.”
Inga, Sweden

“Thank you very much for helping the universe bring into my life this wonderful being, my LifeCrystal. I never consciously realized what I was asking and seeking when I manifested this crystal into my life. Now I know. I am very grateful to it, to myself and to you. I dearly needed the help to stimulate my self-healing and growth on my path to enlightenment and wholeness. Ever since the LifeCrystal has come into my life, great changes have happened for me, many lessons learned. I can feel myself moving forward now. There are no words that can really express what I mean. Thank you. I am very grateful.”
Anne, Canada

“I have found my LifeCrystal to be a powerful tool for bringing in light for meditation and personal healing. It helps me to realign with the core of my being. In the ten plus years that I have had my LifeCrystal, my life and personal fortunes have improved dramatically. Although these positive changes cannot all be attributed to my LifeCrystal, I can say that my LifeCrystal has helped me at key turning points in my life. It has helped me to align to my path and to stay on my path. As the years have gone by, staying on my path has led to the manifestation of my goals and the expression of who I really am.”
Randal Graham, Canada

“My wife just completed a weekend seminar with you in California and all I can say is “Wow”. The shift she went through there and since then as well as the presence of her LifeCrystal has profoundly affected our relationship and me. We are sharing more now then we have in years. Thank you. Thank you.”
Paul, U.S.A.

“I first became interested in the LifeCrystal® when I read your amazing life story in your beautiful book, The LifeCrystal®. I was so struck by your courage in the face of serious illness as well as your incredible sensitivity and open heartedness toward fulfilling your mission here on earth. My experience of you in person only solidified what I had already gleaned from your writing. You showed an unbelievable amount of understanding and compassion towards all of the seminar participants. The core of your work is profound. I highly recommend the LifeCrystal® for anyone interested in total transformation and to those who are ready to accelerate their life purpose.”

Christine Fischer, U.S.A.

“Because of my LifeCrystal and the meeting with Christa, I have found a peace, joy and presence in life that I have never had before.”
Lisa Kallur, Sweden

“My LifeCrystal touches me very deeply and my heart is filled with love when I look at it. Through my LifeCrystal I can feel the grace of God within me.”
Rita Maria, Italy

“Since I received my LifeCrystal® so much has happened. Words cannot even come close to describing the feelings that I am experiencing. I feel on the edge of discovering something even more wonderful and exciting. The most overwhelming though is a tremendous experience of love which I have never felt before, so deep and reaching out to so many. I feel much like a child, all wide-eyed and in awe of it all!”
Carla, U.S.A.

“As soon as I held my LifeCrystal®, I felt and saw it surrounding me completely. I was enveloped in a shaft of light coming from above. The LifeCrystal® draws my attention upwards and placing it on my heart fills me with a deep inner peace. Even when I “tune into” my LifeCrystal® from afar, I am filled with a sense of being centered in the light of the present moment.”
Mala, Canada

“Since the LifeCrystal® came into my life, I no longer need to search for anything in life. It feels as if I'm home.”
Viola Mark, Sweden

“Thank you for the wonderful experience of the LifeCrystal Seminar at Tauhara. I love my LifeCrystal and know it will be a great support for me. I am amazed at how I can see God in people and feel and show love to my family and friends. I am experiencing and dealing with my emotions in a whole new way — and this is just the beginning!”
Deanna, New Zealand

“A lot happened for me after the LifeCrystal Seminar in Gothenborg. I went to the mountains in Norway to live in a cottage all alone with my LifeCrystal. I wanted to be with myself to get more clarity and awareness. Everyday I climbed the highest mountains and a lot of memories from my childhood came to me. I received a lot of clarity, insight and healing in the mountains with my LifeCrystal.”
Thor, Sweden

“My LifeCrystal has led me through inner doors I may not have otherwise come to let alone open. My heartfelt thanks for my LifeCrystal.”
J. Bullmore, New Zealand

“This seminar lifted me to a new level to work with conscious evolution. I felt a much greater sense of peace and calmness with the transitions in my life and more open to see where spirit would lead me.”
Dr. Linda Ferguson, U.S.A.

“For me the most important aspect of the LifeCrystal Seminar in Lund was the challenge that I experience to simply be present. Throughout this seminar, I discovered the ease of being present a miracle.”
Christina, Sweden

“I am filled with the richness of so many treasures from our time together. It has been an extremely rich learning time for me. I feel that my whole being is transformed. My heart is full of gratitude.”
Joyce, New Zealand

“This note is to express my great love and appreciation for all your very special caring and creativity that enabled us to recognize the hidden answers within ourselves this weekend. The colours and melody of your being are truly a wonderful and personal gift to all of us. Thank you.”
Barbara M., U.S.A.

“Thank you so very much for my absolutely wonderful LifeCrystal. I am so surprised, since I received it so many things have changed in my life. I am so thankful for my LifeCrystal and for everything that you did for me.”
Elisabeth, Switzerland

“Receiving my LifeCrystal started me on a personal journey to find my true authentic self. It opened doors to my inner self, a part of myself that has been closed since I was very young.”

Georgia, U.S.A.

“The LifeCrystal helps us to reach inner harmony, healing and the importance to mediate messages of love. We blossom together.”
Solgerd & Bosse, Sweden

“The LifeCrystal Seminar in Zurich was an exceptional experience from the beginning to the end, a weekend in perfect harmony. Thank you.”
Ursula, Switzerland

“Receiving my LifeCrystal was of great value for my growth. I have opened up to receive valuable information and insights that come at a time when I most need them to help me on my path.”

Alice Hiatt, U.S.A.

“Thanks to you, one so gifted
Such clear truths you impart
We are able through you and your messages
To inwardly find real growth, inner stability
The like of which has long since been forgotten.
It is a great task that you have undertaken
We send thoughts of heart felt love to you.”
Christopher, New Zealand

“Christa, I received my LifeCrystal from you in 1989 during a LifeCrystal Seminar in Karlskrona. Since then I have felt unconditional love for my LifeCrystal. From the beginning I have kept it beside my bed and sometimes I keep it near my body during sleep. Sometimes I have it with me as a support in difficult situations, for instance during a surgical operation. Each morning in my prayers & meditations, I give deep thanks for my LifeCrystal. Light, love and gratitude fill me. The LifeCrystal is really a part of myself.

During the time I was writing my book—A Weave of the Tree of Life—I was told by my Guardian spirit to have the LifeCrystal by my side. It gave me energy and power to help me to write from my heart.

The LifeCrystal has been important for my spiritual development. It has even changed physically. When I got the crystal it was a bit milky inside but over time it has become more and more clear and bright. Today, it is almost totally transparent. ”
Signe Ohlsson, Sweden

My LifeCrystal has a special place in my heart and in my life. I always bring it with me when I travel and I keep it close to me when I sleep. When I take the LifeCrystal in my hands or place it on my body it helps me to feel a deep inner harmony. I can very easily connect with my inner self when I hold my Lifecrystal. We are one.
Linda Andersson, Sweden

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