Quartz Crystal - LifeCrystal Essence Of True Nature and Awakening Consciousness  


Where are LifeCrystals® found in the world?

At the present time, the only known source of LifeCrystals® is Arkansas, U.S.A. Arkansas quartz crystal is known world wide to be the finest natural quartz crystal in the world. Arkansas quartz crystal formed as an outcome of unique geological conditions, which supported the growth of very pure natural quartz crystal.

The LifeCrystal is the highest & purest quality of natural quartz crystal that is mined in Arkansas. Only this quality of natural quartz crystal has the energetic capacity to interact with the human energy system as a LifeCrystal.

2. How old are the LifeCrystals?

LifeCrystals are approximately 200 - 250 million years old.

3. Can natural quartz crystal from Brazil be used as a LifeCrystal?

No. Brazilian quartz crystal has a different vibration than the Arkansas quartz crystal. There are many factors that contribute to this situation. Primarily this is because of the geological conditions under which the crystal formed.

4. Can polished quartz crystal be used as a LifeCrystal?

No. Polishing a natural quartz crystal removes the natural markings on the crystal, the unique physical signature of the crystal. This is like removing your fingerprint. It is important that the LifeCrystal is a natural quartz crystal that has not been altered in any way.

5. Can amethyst quartz, rose quartz, citrine quartz or smoky quartz be used as a Lifecrystal?

No. Only the clear, natural quartz crystal can be used as a LifeCrystal?

6. Can synthetic Austrian quartz or other types of man-made crystal be used as a LifeCrystal?

No. Most man-made crystal contains lead. The awe-inspiring energetics, unique inclusions and exquisite form of a LifeCrystal are created over millions of years. This cannot be duplicated in a laboratory.

7. How large are LifeCrystals?

Most LifeCrystals are large hand-held size. However, occasionally a larger LifeCrystal will come to a person. The size of the crystal is unique to the energetic needs of the individual. Nature creates the perfect LifeCrystal for each person.

8. What distinguishes a LifeCrystal from other natural quartz crystals found in Arkansas?

It is the unique energetics of a LifeCrystal and the relationship that certain quartz crystals have to humankind that distinquishes the LifeCrystal from other natural quartz crystal, even from other high quality quartz crystal found in Arkansas. Therefore, not all high quality Arkansas quartz crystals are LifeCrystals.

The LifeCrystal Facilitators listed on the Contact Page are professionally trained to identify the LifeCrystals.

9. Does the LifeCrystal have distinguishing facets?

No. Each LifeCrystal has different and unique facets, just as unique as the individual who is receiving their LifeCrystal.

10.   How does the LifeCrystal support the relationship between me and my soul?

The LifeCrystal resonates with the soul consciousness of an individual. It illuminates the soul, supporting the individual to develop a conscious relationship with their soul.

Like the physical LifeCrystal with its many facets, the soul has many facets, many unique qualities of accumulated experience that create an inner foundation of truth. This inner foundation of truth is a powerful resource of enlightened wisdom and energy that can support and empower the individual in their life. The LifeCrystal supports the individual to access these inner resources and through awareness, to bring these resources to present life situations.

It is also through the soul consciousness, the individualized spark of the divine that is expressed through each human being, that we are able to experience spirit, the one consciousness within all life. The soul is closely attuned to spirit and functions like a container for spirit. In mythology, the Holy Grail symbolizes the soul.

To live in a conscious relationship with one's soul consciousness is to live on the edge where form and formlessness meet and become integrated within human experience as one. In this way, the illusion of separation in human consciousness between the form and the formless realities of existence is dissolved, establishing unity as an enduring quality of human consciousness.

The great challenge for all of humankind today is to find the unity within the diversity, to find the place where we are one. This begins with each person finding his or her own inner unity.

11.   Is there a LifeCrystal for everyone?

The possibility exists for everyone to have a LifeCrystal It is the individual soul that calls for the LifeCrystal if it is appropriate for the individual and when it is the right time for the individual to receive it. People seem to intuitively sense the significance and relevance of the LifeCrystal for their conscious evolution.

When an individual wishes to receive their LifeCrystal it usually emerges from the earth within 6 months to 1 year.

12. Can I receive more than one LifeCrystal?

Not normally within an individual's lifetime. This is why this particular crystal is called the LifeCrystal. The LifeCrystal is in resonance with the vibration of your soul, the formless space of pure consciousness that exists beneath the form of you. This is the space of unity within you, an inner space where you are one with all life. The formless essence of pure consciousness within you is eternal.

However, it has occurred many times that an individual will discover a smaller natural quartz crystal that they are very attracted to and use before receiving their LifeCrystal. Remarkably, this smaller crystal often has the identical physical characteristics of the LifeCrystal. We call such a crystal a stepping crystal, because it seems to help to prepare the individual to receive the LifeCrystal.

13. Can I find my LifeCrystal by myself?

This is possible although it is very rare. Out of the many people in the world who have received their LifeCrystal we know of only one person who found their LifeCrystal.

It is very unusual for a LifeCrystal to be found in retail stores or at most mineral & crystal shows. LifeCrystals are usually found directly at the mine site.

14. What happens if I do not wish to receive my LifeCrystal?

If you choose not to receive the LifeCrystal the LifeCrystal may eventually go to a person who has a very similar soul vibration as you.

The irreversible factor that makes a LifeCrystal a personal LifeCrystal is the energetic transmission that takes place during the process of receiving the LifeCrystal. Once this energetic transmission takes place the LifeCrystal cannot go to another person

15. How much does it cost to receive my LifeCrystal?

The LifeCrystal work costs approximately $498.00 or Euro 390.00. This cost includes a hand-held sized LifeCrystal, private session and a copy of the book The LifeCrystal by Christa Burka.

If your LifeCrystal is larger or smaller than hand-held size, the cost of the LifeCrystal may be adjusted accordingly. This situation would be discussed with you before you begin the process to receive your LifeCrystal.

16. How do I get my LifeCrystal?

Please contact one of the LifeCrystal Facilitators that you feel a resonance with on the Contact Page.

Please note that it is only necessary to contact one LifeCrystal Facilitator as we consult among all of us to determine who may have your LifeCrystal.

The individual who has your LifeCrystal is the right person for you to receive your LifeCrystal from.

However, if no LifeCrystal Facilitator has your LifeCrystal if you wish, your name may be added to our list of people who are waiting to receive their LifeCrystal. We will contact you when your LifeCrystal is located.

17. Can I receive my LifeCrystal via the post without doing the session or seminar?

This is not recommended. The private session or seminar is an essential aspect of receiving your LifeCrystal. Personal contact is necessary in order to facilitate the energy transmission that occurs throughout the LifeCrystal session or seminar.

18. Where and when are LifeCrystal sessions and seminars held?

These are arranged in different countries as requests arise.

19. How do you use a LifeCrystal?

There are many beneficial ways to use a LifeCrystal to enhance well-being, awareness and the transmutation of human consciousness.

An excellent use of the LifeCrystal is to use the LifeCrystal to help you to begin to sense or increase your awareness of the flows of the life force moving throughout your body. The LifeCrystal amplifies all of the energies of your body. By placing your LifeCrystal on your body, particularly on your heart, you will begin to experience the flow of your essential energy within your body. This will help you to shift the focus of your awareness from the body/mind (the form) to the flows of energy (the formless life force) moving within you.

One of the most beneficial influences of the LifeCrystal is its amplification of everything in your conscious and subconscious mind that is not in energetic resonance with the truth of who you truly are! The affect of this amplification increases your awareness and therefore, your ability to recognize any distortion in your perception that creates internal degrees of separation within you.

Like your LifeCrystal, you are a whole, complete consciousness. It is only the distortion of your perception that divides and separates the essential unity and integrity of your consciousness.

Suggestions about how to use your LifeCrystal are taught to individuals who are receiving their LifeCrystal. This information is also shared in the book The LifeCrystal by Christa Burka.

20. Can I include any meditation technique when using my LifeCrystal?

Yes, you may use any meditation technique together with your LifeCrystal. The purpose of all meditation techniques is simply to focus your awareness in the present moment.

The LifeCrystal enhances the meditation experience by energetically supporting you to focus and root your awareness in the present moment. The LifeCrystal also amplifies your awareness of the present moment.

The LifeCrystal has proven to be a very effective tool for meditation. The LifeCrystal resonates with and amplifies the vibration of your true self, helping you to recognize and experience your true self. It helps to clarify your consciousness.

We need to practice meditation
to realize everything
that we are not.

21. Do I need a LifeCrystal to awaken?

No. No one needs a LifeCrystal to awaken. The use of a LifeCrystal is a personal choice. However, the use of a LifeCrystal, in one's spiritual development seems to enhance and accelerate the process of awakening. Perhaps this affect is due to the energetic ways in which the LifeCrystal interacts with the human energy system to amplify, focus and transmute subtle energies. Many of the ways in which the LifeCrystal functions with the individual are unknown but it is recognized and experienced within the lives of people, who have their LifeCrystal that the transmutation of human consciousness is enhanced and accelerated.

22. If there is only one consciousness in all life forms, then could I use any quartz crystal as my LifeCrystal to connect with my true self?

Theoretically, you could use any crystal or anything in nature such as a tree or a flower to experience the formless essence within nature and within you. To be able to experience the formless essence shining through the many forms of nature is to also experience your own formless essence. The multitudinous forms in life, including you, are unique expressions of the one consciousness.

The LifeCrystals are, in themselves, like people. Yes, the formless essence is the same but how that formless essence expresses in form is unique to each person and to each crystal.

The LifeCrystal is a tool of consciousness that is specific to an individual both in its signature energy and form. It embraces and reflects both dimensions of the individual, the unique qualities of form and the formless essence. Therefore, the LifeCrystal can greatly assist the individual to bridge and integrate these two dimensions of reality within their own consciousness.

23. Can I “program” my LifeCrystal?

Regarding this point of view, we would say that the use of the Lifecrystal is more about discovering the natural relationship that exists between you, the Lifecrystal and all of nature. It is not about imposing your will on nature. The deepest understanding often happens when one is simply open and receptive and not involved in doing anything or imposing our will on anything.

Nature teaches you to be one with life. If you can experience oneness with life through nature, you can experience oneness with your inner being.

Attempting to program a quartz crystal with ideas, concepts or personal desires is a projection of your own desires onto nature. This creates a barrier to experiencing oneness with nature and the essence of who you are, which is the purpose of the LifeCrystal.

Programming a crystal can be a form of resistance to what is. It can be an effort to control life and nature. Acceptance of life as it is right now is acceptance of the present moment, the doorway to knowing your true self.

Simply be with your LifeCrystal and you will begin to notice something awe-inspiring shining through the form of your LifeCrystal. Now you are connecting with a dimension deeper than the form within your LifeCrystal and within you.

The transparency of the LifeCrystal allows you to see what is beyond its form. It mirrors its own formless essence. Its form and its essence are identical! When the inner and outer expressions of a substance are one and the same, we call this sacred.

24. Can I use my LifeCrystal for prayer?

Absolutely. The LifeCrystal will amplify your prayers sending them out to the universe and the angelic realms.

25. Should I keep the LifeCrystal with me at all times?

No. The LifeCrystal is a very personal tool of consciousness. It is best to keep it at home in your meditation space or by your bedside. However, you might also wish to take it with you on occasional trips or to special events such as a meditation retreat or to special gatherings or special places in the world.

26. Can I let someone else use my LifeCrystal?

No. This is not appropriate. The LifeCrystal works in relationship to you as an individual. An energetic bond and relationship exists between you and your LifeCrystal.

27. May other people touch my LifeCrystal?

This is not recommended. The LifeCrystal is a very personal tool of consciousness that resonates with your inner being. Therefore, it is best not to let others touch your LifeCrystal. This issue has to do with respect for something that is sacred to you.

28. As I evolve and change my consciousness does my LifeCrystal also change?

Yes, as stated in question #25, the LifeCrystal functions in an energetic relationship to you. Consciousness is continuously in a state of change and expansion. This is the essential nature of consciousness itself. Through the energetic relationship that exists between you and your LifeCrystal you effect change in your LifeCrystal and the LifeCrystal effects change in you.

Indeed, every minute transmutation of your consciousness immediately and directly impacts the whole of life. You exist in an inseparable and interdependent relationship with all of life.

29. Am I ever complete with my LifeCrystal?

Yes! The purpose of the LifeCrystal is to support you to bridge into the formless place of pure consciousness within you. When you awaken to your essential true nature as consciousness, you become your LifeCrystal. At this point, your LifeCrystal has completed its highest purpose in relationship to you.

It is important to remember that the LifeCrystal is a tool of consciousness and like other tools and techniques of consciousness, you ultimately need to let go of the tools and techniques to connect and become one with your true self. Otherwise, the tools and techniques that you utilize in your spiritual development, even including techniques of meditation can become yet another barrier to your awakening.

The LifeCrystal is a tool of consciousness to energetically assist in preparing the ground within you to bridge and integrate the two-fold realities of existence within your consciousness. When the bridge is built, let go of the tool.

30. What do I do with my LifeCrystal when I complete with it?

Most people choose to return the LifeCrystal to the earth with gratitude. The LifeCrystal should not be given to another person.

31. Is there any other place where I can get information about the LifeCrystal?

The only source of information about the LifeCrystal that is available is contained on this web site and in the book The LifeCrystal by Christa Burka. Information about the LifeCrystal is also shared during seminars and private sessions.

Information related to the LifeCrystal is protected by International Copyright and Trademark Law. Regrettably, this is necessary for this time in our world.

32. Is the use of a LifeCrystal associated with any religion or philosophy?

The use of a LifeCrystal is not associated with any dogma. religion, spiritual path or belief system. The LifeCrystal is concerned with a simple, direct approach to support the awakening and evolution of human consciousness. The true spiritual “way” is simple and direct.

The use of the LifeCrystal is not a spiritual path. The LifeCrystal is a tool to energetically support you to transcend all known paths and enter into a direct experience of pure consciousness.

The use of the LifeCrystal is simple and uncomplicated by dogma (intellectual information) or technique. By their very nature, techniques and dogma can reinforce the illusion of separation by maintaining the focus of an individual attention in the mind, the realm of duality and form.

The use of the LifeCrystal is concerned with bridging the realm of duality (form) and the realm of non-duality (consciousness).

33. What will the LifeCrystal do for me?

The purpose of the LifeCrystal is to support you to bridge and integrate the two-fold realities of existence, the form and the formless, within your consciousness so that you may experience a dimension within you that is deeper than form, your true self. The LifeCrystal supports you to be one with the essence of who you truly are.

Microcosm of the macrocosm,
Dimensions of form and formlessness
Interpenetrating through a blueprint
Only a god could conceive,
Reflecting the essential unity
Within existence, within me.

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