Christa Burka is the founder and pioneer of the LifeCrystal® Teachings. For 30 years, Christa has been led on a path of service to awaken others to the essential truth and unity of their True Self.

In 1979, Christa experienced a profound spiritual awakening. Through an act of grace, she was given a mystical experience of the truth of her self and the true nature of the divine that touched and transformed every aspect of her life. From that moment on her life became guided by source.

Her ability to help others is rooted in her own awakening and to the clarity, wisdom and compassion she gained through her own healing journey from severe illness, pain and physical disability. Her personal story is both miraculous and inspiring.

In 1985, a unique gift of consciousness was revealed to Christa. This gift is known as the LifeCrystal®. Christa was guided to the source of these special crystals. She was shown how to locate the LifeCrystal and how to identify and match the “specific signature vibration” of the LifeCrystal with the “soul vibration” of the person who was ready to receive their LifeCrystal.

When a person’s search, to discover truth, meaning and purpose in life, shifts from an external focus to an inward focus, the LifeCrystal can come into their life to accelerate and illuminate the inner path of enlightenment.

This simple gift from nature is a powerful tool of consciousness to energetically support a person through the process of encountering and evolving their own consciousness simply and directly. The "true spiritual way" is simple and direct.

  Christa Faye Burka

Author of:
  • Clearing Crystal Consciousness
  • Pearls of Consciousnes
  • The LifeCrystal

"The true spiritual way
is simple and direct.
Spiritual awakening
evolves through
direct encounter
with your own
No one else
can do this
for you."

Christa Faye Burka

The use of a LifeCrystal® is not associated with any religion, dogma or belief system.

LifeCrystal® is a Registered Trademark (Canada, USA and EU) of 
Christa Faye Burka Institute Limited, Canada.
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